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About Site Visitor Marketing

Teaching a local real estate agency

About Site Visitor Marketing (SVM) and our latest solution: Site Visitor Match & ID Resolution.

SVM analyzes our clients' marketing plan, whether it be as simple as posting on social media, or a $250,000/month ad spend budget. SV can guarantee you results with a lower execution cost month after month, no contracts required. We run lean, efficient with proven strategies. 

Unlike most companies will test with their clients budget, we have already tested, trialed, and completed every what-if analysis imaginable before providing the method of marketing to our clients. 

Why? it brings trust and transparency without surprises to you, your business, and us as we assist you to reach your branding, SEO, and marketing goals.


Creative Experts

Working with the advisory services industry of financial advisors, planners, and attorneys were key for DTM due to the experience of the individuals within DTM's personal career experience and depth understanding of the ideal client.

Amit Gandhi is well versed with success in the financial services industry and is certified as a Wealth Preservation Planner, Asset Protection Planner, and Mortgage Planning Specialist. with a Bachelors degree in finance and an MBA. 

His career took a shift from mortgage loan origination to also becoming a stronger and tactical asset to his own business by learning the marketing world in a very defined topic of social media expertise, ad-ranking among the top SEngines, Landing pages vs websites, Facebook, google, bing, ads, and everyrhing under the sun. Amit was exhausted by the overpromising and underdelivering  these so called “marketing guru’s” who had never played a role in the industry they were trying to serve. 

Quite honestly, if this sounds familiar — contact me, I can vet out the legitimacy and track record each expert, guru in marketing has held. (972) 213-5368. Save the number it’s his cell. 

if you like more info, give him a call to chat, he believes in the “no bullshit“ policy, and takes it seriously!  


Competitive Pricing

We assure our clients through proven results and cases which we have personally handled, and only take on clients when we see a mutually beneficial opportunity. DTM holds its team accountable for any intentional wrongdoing and maintains the best interest of our clients, even if it means suggesting a 3rd party service which we do not have a vested interest in.

(any companies which we hold interest with is disclosed up front and in the initial proposal package for complete transparency). 

We we will also take it one step further, within the first 30 says if you follow out strict and structured plan and yet still don’t find the value. I will guarantee you will see your money back. The only requirement. You have to show us you follow our plan to step by step. It’s fool proof.  Thats how confident Amit, and the Dallas Target Marketing team is about our consultations and recommendations. 

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Site Visitor Marketing

Consider this, you have traffic flowing to your site.,.but you can't breakdown whether or not you have the right audience. Or if you need to change your site verbiage (or ad-copy) to attract the perfect prospect, or if you are paying hundreds to thousands of dollars a month for CPC's (cost per clicks) google ads... its time to make better use of your dedicated marketing dollars.  

Now, you can because each site visitor is a prospect, and just like a toll tag, each visitor has one (this is not a cookie, actually much more advanced). its time we put Cost Per Clicks, and paid ads as the primary consumption of monthly advertising and start leveraging what I refer to as REVERSE PROSPECTING. 


Retargeting 2.0

Being able to target those who have already visited your site, or expressed some nature of interaction online is a very strategic and common approach to prospecting. 

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Identity Resolution

This is different from your mid-life crisis, and actually works in your favor; find out how by subscribing below!


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